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Custom Apps

As engineering and support specialists, we use our insights and experience to develop customized applications that can elevate our partner products in your workflow. Wish that you could do something in Cantemo, or iconik? Is there something you’ve been waiting for to be added to Vidispine? Below are some of the apps we’ve built from scratch for our customers.

Check out our apps: iconik Transfer and Storage Handler – now available on the macOS App Store!

AI Tools

AI Tools

Unlink Original

Unlink Original

Send to Vimeo


CineViewer Engine



Copy/Paste Metadata

Copy/Paste Metadata


Download Files from Storage

Email Links

Export Metadata

Logout Scheduler

Metadata Tabs

Missing Formats

Modify Choice Fields

Reindex Items

Relink Shapes

Remove ACLs

Rule Scheduler

Send to Iconik

Send to

Text to Comments

Endpoints for Rules Engine


Please provide us with your information below to get started. Don’t see what you need?  We can build that for you.