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CineSys applications for

Beautifully created to extend your workflows.

CineSys has been an iconik partner for many years. As part of our many joint projects, CineSys has developed several applications using the iconik API.
Take a look at our other customized applications for iconik, Cantemo, Vidispine and more.

CineSys Transfer for iconik

Bulk download your iconik collections and files keeping the folder structure — all with a management queue.

CineSys Transfer


• Maintains your collection structure recursively.
• Duplicates files needed when they are located in multiple collections.
• Support for multi-file sets when they exist on the original for an asset.
• Definable download location.
• Control the amount of downloads at a time.
• Pause or resume the entire queue or just one asset as needed.
• Refresh assets when waiting for a transfer or when correcting a bad link.
• Quickly filter out downloaded or invalid assets.
• System sleep is disabled while the queue is downloading so you don’t accidentally stop downloads.


CineSys File Reveal for iconik

Storage handler to reveal local files from iconik in your mac’s file system!

CineSys File Reveal

CineSys File Reveal for iconik allows you to map iconik Storages to your local attached storage. Now, you can use the “Open…” icon in the iconik Files panel to reveal the file in Finder!

The app will prompt you to assign a location of your iconik storage to your local equivalent first. Supports multiple iconik Storage mappings.


Send to Vimeo

With the Send to Vimeo iconik plugin by CineSys, you can publish content to your Vimeo account with just a few clicks.

Send to Vimeo