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Storage solutions for everyone

Not all storage is created equal, and nothing is more important than the integrity and security of your data. CineSys carries the most advanced storage systems available, and will custom build a solution that works for you. Whether you’re looking for a SAN, NAS, Object Storage or other high performance storage, we will help you find the best option to meet your needs.

CineSys are certified partners with years of experience in supporting storage solutions, such as AvidDynamic Drive Pool, QuantumObject Matrix, and many more. We also provide our own storage hardware, such as the CineStor NAS.


CineSys has been a great asset to CMG, Indianapolis. We had a time sensitive project coming and needed a reliable shared storage solution for our Autodesk color grading, VFX, online, and finish facility. Mike Keeney and Sherdwain Charles stepped up to the plate and delivered. Not only did they deliver a SAN solution for our boutique, but they worked to make it fit our budget and timeframe. Since it has been installed, support has been great. We now have a stable real time 4K SAN solution where we can work on projects with multiple workstations simultaneously, and have secure LTO7 archiving. I appreciate the staff at CineSys and their dedication to customer support and service.

Marc WellingtonCMG